Site Acquisition

“TIAS-BUD” LTD offers the qualified services in the search and survey of sites for telecommunication equipment installation.

  • searching and matching of objects’ territorial location
  • technical survey of sites chosen under constriction, legal analysis of lease agreements conclusion possibility
  • finalizing of technical and permitting re-zoning documents
  • negotiations and signing of lease agreement
  • registration of lease agreements.

Internal and External Networks Design

Design works include: the whole work package starting from development or receiving the technical conditions, development and approval of design documentation for construction, organization and supervision of the approval process of design documentation in different institutions up to the handing over the executive documentation to the Customer.

Engineering Services

The engineers of “TIAS-BUD” LTD provide the whole complex of engineering services in the capacity of:

  • General Designer
  • General Contractor
  • Author of the project of civil works execution.

Civil Works

Our company performs the installation and construction works in complex:

  • site preparation
  • mast and tower foundations installation
  • assemblage and installation of towers, masts, poles on the roofs and chimneys of different types
  • assemblage of antenna-feeder equipment
  • technical implementation
  • fence installation works
  • other necessary works depending on the each certain object.

We have our own assembly teams, what provides us a success in the telecommunication market. All teams are mobile and supplied with all necessary equipment, tools and appliances for BS construction and for execution the works at height.

The specialists of our company have the broad experience in installation of all types of tower and mast foundations.

Commissioning and Adjustment (Testing) of Network Objects

Upon completion of civil works we carry out the commissioning and adjustment works, which are assigned for adjustment of installed active equipment and check of functional availability of the communication system in whole.

The commissioning and adjustment works allow in time, before putting the object into implementation to reveal and remove possible defects.

Our engineers will carry out the full service of commissioning and adjustment works, will check the functions of BS equipment and its compliance with the Working Project.

Complete Legalization of Network Objects up to setting the Object into operation

Technical Maintenance of the Ready-built Objects

The specialists of our company monitor telecommunication networks and equipment in service, carry out a preventive check of linear, cable and station equipment, provide a twenty-four-hour fault removal.

Repair-and-renewal Works

The possibilities of our company allow us to perform the complete package of all repair-and-renewal (emergency) works on network objects.